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God's Plan of Salvation

God only has one plan for saving man. Get your Bible and click the link above to study this grand plan.

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November 04, 2018

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Sunday: 9 & 10 am
Sunday: 6 pm
Wednesday: 7 pm

Gospel Meeting

Our Next Gospel Meeting is Scheduled for June 17-22, 2018 with Mike Richardson Preaching.

Radio Program

Our radio program no longer airs, but Listen to archived lessons by clicking Here.

Gospel Meeting Sermons

Click the link above to Listen to the sermons from our past Gospel Meetings.

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Thank you for visiting the website for the Southside Church of Christ. Please see top right-hand column for our service times. We welcome your visit and hope you will profit from the resources on this site. Please use the links to your left to navigate through our site.

If you would like to ask a Bible Question, a question about the church of Christ, or send us your comments, you may communicate with us through our preacher, Michael Pickford, at

Gospel Meeting Sermons, October 2018, Bruce Higdon Preaching

Theme: Five Duties Of The Christian Soldier
"The Duty To Be Watchful"
"The Duty To Stand Firm"
"The Duty To Be Brave"
"The Duty To Be Strong"
"The Duty To Do All Things In Love"
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This Sunday's Sermon(s) November 04, 2018

"Nothing But The Truth" (am), by Michael Pickford

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This Month's Bulletins (pdf), November 2018
November 04, 2018
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For Sermons Preached by Various Preachers During The Gospel Meetings We have held Over the Last Several Years

Sermons From Guest Speakers
"The Gospel of Christ In The Story of Adam", by Kevin Maxey
"Lessons From Olive Trees", by Kevin Maxey
"Sacrifices That Smell Good To God", by Seth McDonald
"The Book Of Joel", by Jason Schrader
"The Collateral Damage of Sin", by Tim Thompson
"Philosophies of Men", by Eli Todd
"Everyone", by Kenny Todd
"Blessings of Christianity", by Kenny Todd
"You Are The Man", by Brian Walsh
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Recent Sermons
"Every Word Of God", by Michael Pickford
"Death In The Pot", by Michael Pickford
"Of Christ", by Michael Pickford
"Escaped", by Michael Pickford
"The First Church", by Michael Pickford
"Inquiring Of The Lord", by Michael Pickford
"Worthless Wood", by Michael Pickford
"God is Love", by Michael Pickford
"The Cold Hard Truth", by Michael Pickford
"Facing Judgment", by Michael Pickford
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