Christ's Compassion

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Christ's Compassion

David McPherson

Jesus' life was filled with demonstrations of compassion. We would do well to emulate His example.

Compassion is "a sympathetic emotion created by the misfortunes of another, accompanied by a desire to help." Genuine compassion involves love, great feeling, interest, and concern.

The Gospel accounts tell of various ones on whom the Lord had compassion. Such individuals include a leper (Mk. 1 :40-41), a demon-possessed man (Mk. 5: 18-20), a widow who lost her son (Lk. 7:11..-15), and two blind men (Mt. 20:30-34).

Jesus did not simply "feel sorry" for those suffering. His compassion motivated Him to do something. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and opened the eyes of the blind.

How are you demonstrating your compassion for others?

Many are suffering both physically and spiritually. Do something!

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