Disney Or The Church

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Disney Or The Church?

David McPherson

For some time members of the Lordís church have stood their ground against the social gospel. We have been content to be the "pillar and ground of the truth" (1 Tim. 3:15) and leave the food, fun, and frolic to the religious organizations of men.

Lately however, it seems that the denominational influence is among some Christians. I recently noticed a flier for a gospel meeting which stated, "Please come and join us in an exciting week of fun and fellowship with one another, singing, and learning about the essential building blocks of Christianity." Did you catch the first part? "...an exciting week of fun..." Iím not opposed to fellowship among saints, the singing of hymns, or learning about Christianity. Nor am I opposed to having "fun." What I am opposed to is a church mixing them together to entice folks to attend their services. Where in the New Testament do we read of the churchís responsibility to promote and draw people with "fun"?

Fun is defined as "pleasure; mirth; amusement; play" (The Universal Reference Library). Brethren for years have been right in pointing out the error of denominations who use such to appeal to the carnal side of man. For a week of worship and praise to God go to a gospel meeting. For a "week of fun" go to Disney World.

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