Error Or Truth?

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Error Or Truth?

David McPherson

Does it matter what one believes and practices in religion? Are all doctrines the same? Is error just as good as truth?

1) Adam and Eve. When placed in the garden, God told them the truth. He told them if they ate of the tree in the midst of the garden they would die (Gen. 3:2-3). Satan came along saying otherwise (v. 4). They believed error, obeyed it, and as a result sin entered into the world (Rom. 5:12). Was error as good as truth then?

2) Nadab and Abihu. These priestly sons of Aaron engaged in error by offering "strange fire" unto the Lord (Lev. 10:1). God had clearly instructed the priest (Lev. 6:8-13). There was authorized fire (truth) and unauthorized fire (error). Sadly, Nadab and Abihu chose the latter and were devoured by fire from the Lord (Lev. 10:2). Was error as good as truth then?

The fact is there is right and wrong, truth and error. Only truth will set one free (Jn. 8:32). Choose and obey it!

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