"Go Teach!"

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"Go Teach!"

David McPherson

Often the comment is made, "oh I wish so and so would obey the Gospel." I suppose all Christians know of others they would like to see respond to the truth. Fact is, wishing alone will not convert a soul.

Jesus never instructed His disciples to wait around and hope for converts. He commanded them to "Go therefore and make disciples... "(Mt. 28:19). The Gospel is to be taught and Christians are to be the teachers.

Philip was able to assist in the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch only after he went to him. He could have hidden from the chariot. He could have watched and wished from a distance that the eunuch would learn of Christ. But it was not until Philip joined himself to the chariot and "preached Jesus" that the eunuch could obey and go on his way rejoicing (Acts 8:35-39).

Don't just wish so and so would be converted to the Lord. Wishing alone won't convert a soul; teaching will. Go teach!

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