I Thank My God

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I Thank My God

David McPherson

Paul told his brethren at Philippi, "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you" (Phil. 1:3). There are many good brethren that I am personally grateful for. In addition to others, I thank my God for:

1. Faithful Preachers and Teachers. I appreciate men who will boldly proclaim the truth without any compromise. Pure gospel preaching is greatly needed but is lacking in many churches today.

2. Strong Elders. I thank God for elders who are more concerned with the will of God than their popularity with men. Elders have a difficult task and must buckle down and take a strong stand to properly shepherd the flock and keep it pure.

3. Sound Brethren. Not every brother is a sound brother. I thank God for brethren who continue to grow, who admit wrong doing and repent when necessary. Sound brethren put the church first. They assemble regularly and demand that truth be taught. If you are a sound brother or sister in Christ, I thank my God for you.

4. Godly, Elderly Saints and Young Dedicated Christians. Whether young or old, the thing to do is serve God. I thank God for older Christians who never intend to "retire" from spiritual service. You who struggle with infirmities but press on toward heaven, I love. I also thank God for the young folks who learn respect and reverence toward God at an early age. Youngsters donít have to "sow wild oats" - they can sow kingdom seed. I thank my God for those who will.

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