Letter From A Restored Brother - Now Deceased

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Letter From A Restored Brother - Now Deceased

David McPherson

(Please read and use this article in conjunction with "Letter From A Wayward Brother - Now Deceased")

To the church of Christ at ____________,

Thank you for attending my funeral and reaching out to my family in their time of grief. The love you continue to show them is greatly appreciated and reminds me of the unfeigned love you confirmed to me back when I became unfaithful. You see, that place of paradise we use to talk about in Bible class is real. I am here now in Abrahamís bosom with Lazarus and all the faithful who have passed on.

While I am comforted in this hadean realm, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your demonstrations of concern for my soul. Thank you for caring enough during my unfaithful stint to restore me in the spirit of meekness (Gal. 6:1). Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for your diligence in admonishing me as a brother (2 Thes. 3:15). Thank you for actually loving me enough to practice "tough-love." Had you not delivered me unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, my spirit would most likely have not been saved (1 Cor. 5:5). While some brethren just donít get it, I thank you for your obedience to the Lordís commandment to withdraw from every brother that walks disorderly (2 Thes. 3:6). Your unwillingness to carry on in social activities with me, made me ashamed of my sin (2 Thes. 3:14).

While I reflect upon my repentance and restoration, I canít help but think that the Lord considers you partly responsible. Because you took a stand for truth I am now at peace, separated by a great gulf from those in torment. In my sincere love for you, I desire that you come to this place of paradise. If your attitude toward unfaithful brethren is indicative of your attitude toward the whole counsel of God, I trust we will be together again.

In much comfort and peace in Abrahamís bosom, I now look forward to everlasting life in heaven. My destination is set. Thanks to you, I turned my life around in time. Will you keep the faith? Will you continue to be faithful to the end? Please do.

In joy, peace, and comfort,

Your restored brother - now deceased

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