Moving Reactions

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Moving Reactions

David McPherson

It is interesting to consider the various reactions manifested to truth. Some folks love it, accept it, and want more of it - while others donít like it, reject it, and run away from it.

Jesus concluded his sermon on the mount with the story of the wise and foolish builders. The wise man (representing those who hear Jesusí words and obey them) built his house upon the rock and withstood the storms. The foolish man (representative of those who hear but will not do the Lordís will) built upon sand and was destroyed by the winds and the rains (see Mt. 7:24-27).

Today, wise individuals appreciate Godís word. When truth is presented and it brings out things missing in their life, the wise will heed the instruction and make changes. The foolish on the other hand will not heed. Sadly, theyíll often get mad at the preacher, quit attending the services of the church, and eventually move their church membership.

What has been accomplished by such a reaction? Most tragically a weakened soul has become weaker. When the truth has exposed an individualís shortcomings, a membership move is not the answer - a movement of the heart to God in repentance is (Acts 8:22).

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