The Church-The Body-The Saved

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The Church-The Body-The Saved

David McPherson

Some folks get a bit confused about the saved. Are there saved ones in all churches? Are members of the Lordís church the only ones saved? The following questions should solve any confusion.

1. Matt. 16:18 - What did Jesus promise to build?

2. Col. 1:24 - What is the body?

3. Eph. 4:4 - How many bodies are there?

4. If there is only one body (Eph. 4:4), and the body is the church (Col. 1:24), then how many churches are there?

5. Acts 2:47 - Where does the Lord add the saved?

6. Eph. 5:23 - Of what is Christ the savior?

7. Is Christ the savior of His church, Joseph Smithís church (Mormon), John Wesleyís church (Methodist), Martin Lutherís church (Lutheran), Satanís church, or all churches?

Clearly, Christ is the Savior of the body, the church. It is His church, the church of Christ. The Lord makes no mistakes. He adds all who obey the gospel to the church. All the saved then are in the one body, the church. Therefore, no one outside the church is saved.

We donít say this to be mean or ugly or to come across as being arrogant. This is simply speaking the truth in love (Eph. 4:15).

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