Christmas Myths

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Christmas Myths

Michael Pickford

Christmas is to me a National holiday and I celebrate it as such. I do not celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus for two reasons: 1) The Gospel never says anything about celebrating December 25 as Jesus’ birthday. 2) I simply do not believe Jesus was born on December 25 or any other day in December. Consider a couple of things which are taught about the circumstances around Jesus’ birth, and believed by the majority of religious folks today.

MYTH # 1: “Jesus was born on December 25th.” False! The fact is, the Bible simply doesn’t tell us what day Jesus was born. Luke 2:8 tells us that immediately after Jesus’ birth, “there shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night.” Now, this just doesn’t happen in the winter. Jesus was most likely born in spring, summer, or early fall.

MYTH # 2: “There were three wise men who came to Jesus in the manger.” False! Actually, there are two myths in this one statement. First of all, the Bible records that “wise men from the east came to Jerusalem.” We are not told how many there were. Secondly, modern day nativity scenes show the wise men at the manger. But, the text tells us they came to a house (Matt. 2:11). And, Jesus was probably two years old before they arrived, certainly not an infant as we are led to believe (Matt. 2:7, 16).

Be careful what you believe. Just because something is taken for granted to be true by the general public, doesn’t necssarily make it so.

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