Plus One Service

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Plus One Service

Michael Pickford

A hotel in Washington, D.C. has what they call “Plus One Service.” Those who work there are instructed to always do at least one thing for the customer in addition to what is requested. For example, if a guest requests a key at the desk, the clerk would not only get the key, but he would ask if a wake-up call was desired. Upon giving a wake-up call, the operator would give a brief weather report. The manager explains that not only does it make for better service, but it somehow makes them better people. He then adds, “It’s kind of a secret of successful living.”

I wonder if he realizes that each of his hotel’s rooms probably has a book in the drawer that reveals the same secret. Every Christian should have a “Plus One Service” policy. In the workplace, in the schools, or when we have guests ourselves, we always need to do a little extra in striving to please others.

What’s that book in the Hotel room drawer? It’s the Bible, and in it, the Lord said, “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two” (Matthew 5:41). That's Plus One Service!

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