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Michael Pickford

"87% of those convicted for child molestation admit to being users of hardcore pornography...86% of convicted rapists used pornography, and 57% of these rapists said they were trying to imitate pornographic images when they committed their crimes." ~via Breakpoint, Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Did I hear someone say once that what we watch on TV and at the movies doesn’t affect our thinking and sometimes our very actions? Listen, if you insist on watching these types of programs, you’re insisting upon filling your mind and entertaining yourself with the same types of things which put the Lord on the cross. It doesn’t just end with pornography. We shouldn’t be watching sit-coms and other programs and movies that fill our thoughts with dancing, drinking, homosexuality, adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, filthy language and a host of other works of the flesh.

Most would agree that it’s wrong to watch pornography, then they show their inconsistency by saying it’s ok to watch other sins. I guess these other sins are insignificant and ok to watch. If you can watch your program that has “only one or two cuss words,” then I can watch my program that has only one or two hardcore sex scenes. It’s just as much a sin to approve of these things as it is to practice them (Rom. 1:32). Paul commanded that we abstain from the very appearance of evil (1 Thess. 5:22). King David was wise for the decision he made, “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away” (Psa. 101:3). Won’t you be a man after God’s own heart?

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