Yes Lord Cigarette

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Yes Lord Cigarette

Michael Pickford

Yes lord cigarette, you will be the first thing I think about in the mornings, and the last thing I think of before going to bed.

Yes lord cigarette, I will spend up to $200.00 a month on you, even though I know my children could use new clothes, and that there are struggling preachers out there who could use the money.

Yes lord cigarette, I will hand over my health and my strength to you, even my life if necessary.

Yes lord cigarette, I will take you with me everywhere I go. I will never leave the house without you, lest I need you, and you not be there.

Yes lord cigarette, I will love you more than my family, friends, and neighbors. Even when it offends them, I will continue to turn faithfully to you. And even if it harms their health, I will not cease clinging to you.

Yes lord cigarette, I will gladly be seen purchasing you, and smoking you, even if it does appear as being evil to some people, you and I know how good you make me feel. Therefore, I will not despise you, not even in the meeting house yard and parking lot. I want the world to know how devoted I am to you.

Yes lord cigarette, I will sometimes leave you laying around the house so that my children, out of their curiosity, might give you a try when Iím not looking. Then, perhaps you will become their lord too.

Yes lord cigarette, you are my master, I am your slave. You will always come first in life, above all others.

Yes lord cigarette, the Bible says to abstain from every appearance of evil (1 Thess. 5:22), and that I should not be brought under the power of (addicted to) anything (1 Corinthians 6:12). And I do care about what the Bible says, and I will heed the Bible in all other things. But, fear not lord cigarette, you are the one thing I will never forsake all the days of my life. Yes, I will be unfaithful to you at times when I try to quit you, but donít worry, Iíll come back to you.

Yes lord cigarette, my body and my soul are yours.

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