Brush Your Hair

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Brush Your Hair!

Michael Pickford

As a boy, I would look in the mirror and see that my hair was a mess. Being young and irresponsible, it really didnít bother me. I would just walk away from the mirror. When my mother saw me, she would say, Brush your hair! Spiritually speaking, the word of God is the mirror into which the child of God must look every day. What do you see when you look? When you read about the things which are sinful, are you guilty? Is your spiritual hair in a mess? The irresponsible child sees the Bible condemning some of his actions or inactions in life but simply walks away, leaving his spiritual hair in a mess. God is saying to you...Brush your hair! The responsible Christian reads his Bible, sees himself with a messy head of hair, repents, changes and grows...He uses his brush! This is the wise man (Matt. 7:24-27). The Bible is your spiritual mirror (Jms 1:24-26). Do you look into it everyday? When you see that corrections need to be made, do you make them? Or do you just walk away forgetting what kind of man you are? Be a doer of the word, not a hearer only...Brush Your Hair!

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