You're Invited

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You're Invited!

Michael Pickford

A few years ago I received a special invitation from a very dear friend of mine to his graduation. He worked hard for a lot of years to achieve this and a lot of time, money, and expense went into making the graduation possible - Much Preparation! A few years later I received another invitation from the same young man, a wedding invitation. Lots of time, money and effort went into making this wedding possible - Much Preparation! These are great and important invitations, but there is one that is greater - An invitation to heaven! God has spent a lot of time, love, sacrifice and effort in making the occasion of men going to heaven possible - Much Preparation! I was delighted, pleased, and honored to be invited to the young man’s graduation and wedding. But how much more delighted and honored to be invited by God Himself to the joys of heaven. He has sent out His invitations, not by mail, but by Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Heaven is there, the preparations have been made, the joys await, and guess what? You’re Invited! “the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’” (Rev. 22:17)

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