Modest Apparel

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Don't Forget Your Clothes!

Michael Pickford

During this time of year, our Father blesses us with the bright sun, and the beautiful flowers. He surrounds us with pleasant temperatures and lovely foliage. The Beauties of nature! But sadly, many pay Him back by exposing their nakedness for the world to see. I sometimes see folks in the community that are so underdressed it makes Me blush! Isnít it a shame that when the trees begin to clothe themselves, the people begin to unclothe themselves? Sadder still, is that there are many children of God who are ďundressingĒ for the world to see. I have, in times past, seen members of the church dressed so skimpily out in public that I feel like walking up to them and saying, ďThe next time you leave the house, DONíT FORGET YOUR CLOTHES!Ē

Godís Attitude

I believe there are passages in the Bible which reveal to us Godís attitude toward a lack of proper clothing. The eyes of Adam and Eve were opened when they ate of the forbidden fruit (Gen. 3). They realized they were naked (Vs. 7). We are also told in this verse that they made for themselves attire from fig leaves. But even with the fig leaf clothing, Adam still acknowledged that he was naked (vs. 10). The Hebrew language used indicates that the fig leaf aprons covered much more than some of our modern swimsuits. God agreed that they were naked! He made for them coats of skin with which to clothe them (Gen. 3:21). We have here a glimpse of Godís attitude toward proper clothing. He wants folks to be properly clothed! According to Gesenius, a leading Hebrew scholar, the word tunic denotes something down to the knees. Iím not trying to bind the Old Testament, but I do believe we get an idea here about what Godís attitude is toward what constitutes proper, modest attire; and His ideas donít change! So, if you go out into public, donít let your standard of dress be based upon what the world is wearing (Rom. 12:1,2). Be different from a sinful, lust crazed world. DONíT FORGET YOUR CLOTHES!!!

Modest Apparel

There are many passages which deal with modest apparel found within the doctrine of Christ, the New Testament! 1 Timothy 2:9 states, ďThat the women adorn themselves in modest apparel.Ē It seems apparent that there are some things which are not modest apparel or else Paul would never have made this statement. ďAre the present day gym suits, bathing suits and shorts and halters modest apparel? If so, just how much more can be left off and the dress still be modest? Remember, God was not pleased with the fig leaf aprons Adam and Eve wore.Ē (Keykendall). Jesus said, as recorded in Matthew 5:28, that whoever looks on a woman to lust for her has sinned. Women, is your apparel making men lust? You canít just say that itís their problem because you are commanded to wear modest apparel, and it is a sin to cause another to stumble (1 Cor. 8:12,13; Matt. 18:6). Men must be properly clothed as well. God made tunics of skin for Adam as well as for Eve. In Galatians 5:19, Lasciviousness is classed as a work of the flesh which will keep men out of the kingdom of God. Webster, as well as Greek scholars, define this word as, ďTending to produce lewd emotions.Ē Iím certain that the skimpy dresses and bathing suits worn today by the women, and the lack of upper dress and bathing suits worn by men, are producing lewd emotions in someone. Donít chance it! It is a work of the flesh and those who practice such shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven! So, ladies, please put on your clothes when you leave the house, regardless of where youíre going or what you are planning to do. Men, please put on your clothes when you work out in the yard, or when you are going anywhere at all in the public eye. All Christians, DONíT FORGET YOUR CLOTHES!!!

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