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(Printing Instructions For "God's Plan Of Salvation" Tract)

        If your printer has the option, print the odd pages first by choosing the "odd pages only" option. After the Odd pages print, place them back into the printer, then choose the "even pages only" option on your printer. This should print the booklet in the proper order.
        If you would like to print off a master copy of the tract, then make several copies of it on a copy machine, you are welcome to do so. 
Copy Page...
  • "blank, blank(21)" on the flip-side of the cover page.
  • "20, 1" on the flip-side of page "2, 19."
  • "4, 17" on the flip-side of page "18, 3."
  • "6, 15" on the flip-side of page "16, 5."
  • "8, 13" on the flip-side of page "14, 7."
  • "10, 11" on the flip-side of page "12, 9."

  • Make sure the page numbers match up before stapling.